This workshop is organized as part of the Annual Meeting
of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2009)

Invited speakers are:

There is a long research tradition of work on the production of referring expressions, in the area of computational linguistics as well as in psycholinguistics and cognitive science. This encompasses work on definite descriptions, deictic expressions, anaphora, and many other topics. Both research traditions have resulted in many interesting findings, but so far the interaction between these two traditions has been very limited. As we argue here, we believe that much is to be gained from more interaction, for both research traditions involved.

This workshop aims to bring together --for the first time-- psycholinguists with an interest in computational modeling and computational linguists with an interest in human speech production. In addition, the workshop is expected to be of interest to theoretical linguists whose work borders on other areas of cognitive science, particularly those with an interest in discourse structure, and those interested in models of human language that are grounded in cognitive principles.

The workshop will open with a short introductory talk about the production or referring expressions, to make the workshop broadly accessible. The rest of the day will consist of a mixture of regular 20 minute talks, poster presentations and two invited talks by renowned experts in the field. Please note that there are no additional fees associated with attending this workshop; participation is included with your conference registration.

We received financial support from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), via the Vici project “Bridging the gap between computational linguistics and psycholinguistics: The case of referring expressions” (Krahmer; 277-70-007), which is gratefully acknowledged.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!